A tale of thousand hair strands

Medium: Performance
Duration: 4 in X 6 in
Year: 2021

A tale of thousand hair strands looks into how the body is established and arranged into different categories so that a state of suspension, a mechanism of control and a machine of biopower is produced. It attempts to look into the problem of body-profiling where the physiognomic characteristics are incorporated into the mechanisms and technologies of power in order to regulate ‘a deviant body’.
This work is developed from a personal account of when I along with other friends was stopped and questioned for hours by army personnel for me merely having grown long hair. It meant a body that doesn’t obey, and accepts the rule and sovereignty and hence needs to be either disciplined or eliminated. While this is emblematic of total control in regions such as Kashmir, needless to say, the state operates through these apparatuses of power in order to control its all subjects. It also looks into the history of photography and camera in the context of the technologies of surveillance.