Salman B Baba is a visual artist who lives and works between Kashmir and New Delhi. Salman’s work responds to discourse that surrounds the projection of Kashmiri subjecthood and Landscape. His body of work looks into the violence of everyday in time, memory and space, which has led him to investigate sovereign power politics and its conceptual relations to death and life.

He is interested in understanding the form of human life that exists or is possible in the state of exception. He blurs and destabilizes the lines between imagined and real through his transmedial practice. The combination of images, myth, fiction, objects and performance expands the readings of his work into non-lateral directions which at times appear coherent and at other times contradictory, seeking an active participation from the viewer for interpretations and hence disrupting the untouchable sacred. He engages with diverse materials in the form of cloth (shrouds), thread, found audio communications, video footage, landscape photographs, cartographic maps, scents, text, etc. in his performances and installations.