Ghosts of past future

Series: Lullaby of Lost
Medium: Performance
Duration: 37 min
Year: 2020

Ghosts of past future is an excerpt I share from these entries for ‘Lullaby of the Lost,’ in a struggle to communicate—drifting between languages and gesticulation in search of coherence.

The performance was broadcasted live on Instagram. This performance comments on compromised connectivity as it traverses the limited communication channels to the outside world that are available in Kashmir. The data itself becomes maligned and distorted, embedding into its aesthetics traces of the isolation that the region has been subjected to. This performance of repressed traumas against a landscape that recalls the popular memory of Kashmir as a land of pristine beauty, broadcasts with punctuated amorphous constellations of pixels and pauses, interrupting the rapid transition towards digital spaces.

Stills from Broadcast.